Caramelised pineapple breakfast bowl!

I love buying whole pineapples. For such an exotic fruit, it’s so accessible and cheap (you can pick up a small/medium one for around a quid at most supermarkets), and super easy to prepare – never overpay for the pre-chopped stuff. A quick google search has told me that it has various health benefits –… Continue reading Caramelised pineapple breakfast bowl!

French Toast Stack with Berry Compote! #7recipes7days

Hi everyone!¬†I’m so excited to share this recipe with you – It’s the perfect¬†start to the weekend, or a lazy Sunday morning, and is an absolute treat to make for yourself and others. It’s actually surprisingly simple, and does not involve stacks of ingredients, so it’s perfect for making the morning after a big night… Continue reading French Toast Stack with Berry Compote! #7recipes7days