I am a student at the university of Sheffield who is passionate about home cooking and getting people from all different backgrounds involved in food. My Mum and Dad are both excellent cooks, and because of this, I have always eaten a broad variety of food. Through this exposure, I have developed a passion for food and drink, particularly in a social context.

I think food is meant to be shared and eaten together, which is why I’ll try and theme all my recipes around meals that can be enjoyed with others. The intrinsic value of what we consume is one thing, but I think the role food and drink play within society is far more important. Whether its a takeaway with your mates after a night out, or a full blown dinner party, it brings people together and helps us to explore cultures we would otherwise know nothing about. Food is too important to us, on both a biological and philosophical level, to be ignored or disregarded.

While I say this, I am conscious that I am by no means an expert on food. I am still very new to cooking for myself and others, and I would hate for anyone to think I am some sort of authority on food. I am certain that there are many blogs, writers and websites out there that can offer a far more qualified, knowledgeable and critical discussion surrounding what we eat and drink. I have set up this blog merely to add my take on various different aspects of food, drink, and the culture of eating and celebrating together. I’d love for you to read it and join me as I journey through this fascinating world, and hopefully you’ll be inspired to create some of your own dishes and get some of your friends round a table soon.

Est. June 2016